Quality | Axle swivel causing fouling. Potential Health and Safety concerns.

Quality | Axle swivel causing fouling. Potential Health and Safety concerns.

Viable were contacted by a Turkish supplier with offices based in the UK, a major customer of theirs had a quality issue with a component. A site visit was agreed and a Viable engineer attended.

On arrival it was established that the concern arose from excessive cast metal in a vital area of the suspect component. There were many parts already on site with an even greater number arriving in the weeks ahead.


How we helped

“At Viable we understand that time is money, it is a core ethos of our business to keep a customers downtime to a minimum”

The rework of component parts was undertaken at the Viable workshop unit. All defective components had excess material fettled away, were re-sprayed and re-packaged then returned to site clearly labelled as “Inspected and reworked stock”.

Downtime was kept to a minimum due to the fast response and product knowledge of Viable. The key elements to a quality issue!

The supplier was updated daily with dates and numbers of offending parts and agreed costings. All information was directly fed back to Turkey where a containment plan was put in place.

The exercise continued until clearly labelled stock arrived at the UK base with an agreed amount pre-checked and once cleared the operation wound down with full agreement from all parties involved.

What our client said

“We have worked with Viable for 10 years and I have been working with them personally in the past 3 years. They have helped us greatly in maintaining our good relationship with one of our major customers (JCB) by providing their services (be it sorting, reworking or on-site inspection) with 24/7 availability.

We are an iron casting supplier and most of our portfolio consists of raw castings which means there is always a risk of defects revealing themselves after machining operation, therefore it is crucial to have a team in the region that can react immediately to any potential issues. This way, Viable acts as a firewall and saves us valuable time and keeps the supply going, while we can focus on our containment and corrective actions.

I would recommend Viable to any company that is looking for reliable, first class support for their business.”

Can Koydemir – Doktas Trading UK Ltd