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“My company is a manufacturer in the Unites States and we have been supplying OEM’s and distributors in the UK for nearly 25 years. Over many of these years Mark Huxley has assisted our company in many capacities. Among these activities has been unloading container shipments, storage and JIT delivery to our customers, sorting of products for defects at our instructions or our customers and remediation of products if warranted. I have found Mark and now his Viable team to be extremely responsive and exhibit a real sense of urgency to support us and our customers.

Viable always meets our needs and expectations while keeping our customers and ourselves fully informed. As a businessman I must be concerned about the responsiveness, the quality and also of great importance—the cost of Viable’s services and I consider the services to be of great value as well.”

John Miller – President -Allied Enterprises, Inc.USA

“We have used Viable on several occasions and find their flexibility and response times to be excellent.

Viable has a wealth of knowledge and experience, meaning that efficient solutions can normally be found to solve complex problems.”

Doug Timms – Business Unit Director, ACCU Group

“We have worked with VSS for 10 years and I have been working with them personally in the past 3 years. They have helped us greatly in maintaining our good relationship with one of our major customers (JCB) by providing their services (be it sorting, reworking or on-site inspection) with 24/7 availability.

We are an iron casting supplier and most of our portfolio consists of raw castings which means there is always a risk of defects revealing themselves after machining operation, therefore it is crucial to have a team in the region that can react immediately to any potential issues. This way, VSS acts as a firewall and saves us valuable time and keeps the supply going, while we can focus on our containment and corrective actions.

I would recommend VSS to any company that is looking for reliable, first class support for their business.”

Can Koydemir – Doktas Trading UK Ltd

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