Quality | Contaminated heavy-duty oil pumps

Quality | Contaminated heavy-duty oil pumps

A long term client notified us of a potential serious issue caused by contamination to two versions of oil pumps they supply from the USA.

Due to the initial time difference an on the spot decision was taken, it was agreed that the inspection and any necessary rectification would go ahead immediately, thus minimising any loss in production. All the affected stock on site was immediately identified and isolated, and a rework plan was put into place.


How we helped

All stock in outsourced warehouse facilities were isolated and a containment and rework exercise commenced with full agreement from all parties involved.

The USA supplier was kept informed of faults and defects found. Viable updated the client at every stage of the process and supplied them with photographic evidence of the contaminated oil pumps.


The end user was supplied with rectified stock, clearly labelled to avoid confusion. Downtime was kept to a minimum.

All stock in transit was then re-routed to Viable, the rework exercise was carried out before being located in the external warehouse.

In total over 1,900 pumps of 2 different versions were checked, reworked, repaired and returned for use!

Downtime to assembly lines was minimal with all costs agreed between the supplier and Viable.

What our client said

“My company is a manufacturer in the Unites States and we have been supplying OEM’s and distributors in the UK for nearly 25 years. Over many of these years Mark Huxley has assisted our company in many capacities. Among these activities has been unloading container shipments, storage and JIT delivery to our customers, sorting of products for defects at our instructions or our customers and remediation of products if warranted. I have found Mark and now his Viable team to be extremely responsive and exhibit a real sense of urgency to support us and our customers.

Viable always meets our needs and expectations while keeping our customers and ourselves fully informed. As a businessman I must be concerned about the responsiveness, the quality and also of great importance—the cost of Viable’s services and I consider the services to be of great value as well.”

John Miller – President -Allied Enterprises, Inc.USA